“Altai Nomads Travel”- Altai and Western Mongolian travel operator.

Based in Western Mongolia Bayan-Olgii province in Olgii city "Altai Nomads Travel" was established in 2010 as an independent travel agency and tour operator. We are officially registered as a travel and touristic licensed company. Having explored the altai mountain ranges, national parks (Altai Tavan Bogd, Tsambagarab uul national parks), and western and nothern Mongolia region the last 10 years, we will enjoy having close contact with wild nature, as well as enjoying the great views with picturesque snow-capped mountain scenery. We will bring the best impressions and travel experience to you. We offer our clients various types of tours that are safe and informative as well as being interesting for tourists. Such as “altai mountain trekking” 10 days tour to explore incredible nature, spectacular snow-capped Altai mountains, history and culture of Mongolian Kazakh nomads. Our trekking tour mainly organize in western Mongolian altai mountains. this trekking adventure takes you far away from the main tourists areas, to remote Altai Tavan Bogd national park in Olgii province.Furthermore Reindeer people tour, family holidays, cultural, birding tour, fishing tour, golden eagle tours are available in our agency. Our mission is to provide you great adventures and unforgettable travel experience. We are always ready to arrange any tours as you want, and updating our service anytime to improve our techniques of organizing your active leisure safe, interesting and memorable….