Tour to tsaatan reindeer herder family

Day by day itinerary

Day1: Ulaanbaatar 
We meet you upon arrival and transfer to hotel.  Dinner and hotel overnight.

Day2: Ulaanbaatar/ Erdenet.
After breakfast, we begin our drive to Murun, north most getaway town and transfer to our hotel. Overnight in the small town of Erdenet. Visit local market for supplies to take north.

Day 3 Drive to Murun and overnight at hotel. Good showers good food., and local music.

Day 4 Arrive Ulaan Uul to Overnight with herder Family who will supply us with the horses to go to reindeer family. Sleep in ger just like a Mongolian!

The Family truly enjoy meeting guests. We will eat homemade Mongolian traditional food and can drink mares milk, for those who would like to try this very Mongolian drink.
There are several rivers and 2 mountain passes en route. Picnic lunch and many small stops on the way.

Day5 Bagtag River Valley / Tsagaan Nuur village
After a breakfast, we drive to Tsagaan Nuur village, smallest village in Mongolia. Lunch at Tsagaan Nuur Village. Meet local Reindeer guides and horses.

Day 6 Khogorog- Taiga           
After breakfast, we start riding to East Taiga (South Edge of Siberia). We need to ride for 7 hours including lunch break. Riding in the Taiga is exciting and challenging. We make sure you are will lead by very experienced guides.

The scenery, mountains, streams, tundra area, is spectacular. There are many wild flowers, birds and if we are lucky, we will see wild red colored deer. When we arrive at the teepees of the reindeer families, you will be welcomed and made to feel at home. We will spend the next two days, experiencing Tsaatan life.

Day 7 The magical Taiga
Full day of rest. We experience Tsaatan/reindeer herder’s everyday life and can ride a reindeer and help with any chores, from milking. Cheese making and even trying to teach the children some Western games.

Day 8 Start our horse ride back to Tsaagan Nuur. Swim in the lake if warm. Overnight in Ger.

Day 9 Drive back to Moron. Overnight

Day 10 Farewell to Moron. After breakfast you will driven to the local airport with your guide for your return flight to Ulaanbaatar.

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About Tsaatan

Tsaatan reindeer herders-is one of the last remaining group of nomads lives in Northern Mongolia. A visit to the Tsaatan community of reindeer herders is a fascinating experience. It is a rare chance to learn about a unique traditional way of life and a highlight of any trip to Northern Mongolia. You can stay with community and have the opportunity to volunteer for activities. Such as: reindeer milking and churning milk to be made into cheese. You will come away with a great appreciation for the remoteness and self-sufficiency of this tiny community.  

What need to bring?

This is suggested packing listthat must have in your kitty, to make your trip a fulfilling and a comfortable experience.

  1. Backpack
  2. Waterproof bag cover
  3. Comfortable light boots for walking
  4. Head lamp/flashlight
  5. Personal medications
  6. Waterproof hiking boots
  7. Waterproof jacket with hood
  8. Waterproof over pants
  9. lightweight trousers
  10. Anti mosquito lotion
  11. long underwear
  12. Wool socks
  13. Underwear
  14. Warm hat and gloves
  15. Sun glasses
  16. Sun care cream
  17. Spare glasses
  18. Water plastic case with 1 liter of capacity
  19. Binoculars/camera
  20. Wet tissues
  21. Money belt/ pouch
  22. Insurance confirmation copy
  23. Emergency contact number