Day by day itinerary

Tour highlights:  Altai Tavan bogd National park, horse riding to Potanine glacier, Malchin peak climbing, explore petroglyphs, visit nomadic eagle hunter’s family, hike to Baga Turgen waterfall, drive to Khoton and Khurgan lake, get acquaint Kazakh and Mongolian culture ect.

Day 1 -Flight to Olgii

Olgii is the highest Mongolian aimag (province). For the most part it is located in the Mongolian Altai mountain region. The aimag is famous for the traditional hunting method using trained golden eagles. An estimated 80% of the world`s eagle hunters live here.

At the local airport you will be met by one of our representatives: driver, English speaking tour guide, and cook. We will drive from the airport to the entrance of the “Altai Tavan Bogd National Park”. (180km drive from Olgii). Overnight accommodation: tent. (L-D).

Day 2 –Horse riding toward Tavan Bogd massif

After breakfast you will start horse riding from the entrance of the national park to the base camp. On this day we will be joined with our team of camels and horses with guides. Baggage and all equipment will be transferred by camel. After 16km riding  you will reach one of the longest Potanine glacier which is surrounded with snow-capped peaks of Altai  Tavan Bogd mountains. Overnight accommodation at base camp: tent  (B-L-D).

Day 3 To climb “Malchin” peak.

This day we will climb the Malchin peak 4050 meter high which is located on the Mongolia and Russian border. It’s not a technical climbing. You can easily be on the top. You’ll have the best view of the whole Altai Tavan Bogd national park and the longest Potanin glacier from the top of the Malchin peak. Overnight accommodation: tent (B-L-D).

Day 4 –White river valley riding back

After breakfast you will be riding to the Tsagaan gol ( white river) valley. Have a rest, relax. There will be time for an evening hike to the beautiful two lakes. You will have a chance to ride two humped Mongolian camels. Overnight accommodation: tent (B-L-D).

Day 5-6 Drive to Khoton and Khurgan lake.(at Sirgaly area)

Sirgalia is a beautiful spot where the twin pristine lakes of  Khoton and Khurgan meet. The Khoton and Khurgan lakes offer the traveler an adventure in a spectacular landscape of stunning natural beauty with almost endless opportunities for fishing. Endless snow-capped mountains with larch forests and crystal clear lakes makes the area one of the most beautiful parts of the trip. It is also a good place for fishing and bird-watching. Overnight accommodation: tent (B-L-D).

Day 7-  Baga Turgen Waterfall

Hike to the beautiful Baga Turgen Valley where there are three waterfalls. Visit Kazakh nomadic families and learn about their lives. This will give you an opportunity to note the differences between Mongolian and Kazakh gers, which tend to be much larger and decorated with colorful tapestries and carpets. Overnight accommodation: tent (B-L-D).

Day 8 Drive to “Sagsai” village, Visit eagle hunter’s family.

After 100 kilometer drive you’ll arrive in small Sagsai village which is situated in a picturesque place on the bank of the Khovd river.  Visit nomadic eagle hunter’s family where you will see demonstrations with the eagle, have the chance to talk with the eagle hunter and take photographs with the golden eagle. Furthermore you will enjoy tasting milk products and hospitality of local Kazakh nomads. Overnight accommodation: tent (B-L-D).

Day 9 Drive back to Olgii

This day we’ll drive back to Olgii city. Upon your arrival in Olgii you will visit the central museum of Olgii province and the local Bazaar(outdoor market) for shopping for local art and souvenirs.   At the end of the trip, “Altai nomads travel” team organize for you a short concert including Kazakh folk song and Kazakh traditional dance. Also you can listen to the amazing “dombra” sound made from the Kazakh main traditional musical instrument . You will enjoy having a Kazakh traditional meal Beshbarmak. Overnight accommodation: Kazakh yurt. (B-L-D).

Day 10  Farewell to Bayan-Olgii province.

After breakfast you will be driven to the local airport with your guide for your return flight to Ulaanbaatar. B

Altai mixed tour

All our tours are always concentrated on wild nature and on traditional culture of local people, but they may also include such active components as hiking, horseback riding, driving, even you can customize your tours.

Name of the tour: Altai mixed tour:

Duration of the tour: 10 days 9 nights

Main Destination: Altai Tavan Bogd national park

Transportation: Russian minivan 4WD

Tour price includes:

  1. Flight tickets to and from Olgii
  2. Local English-speaking guide full time service
  3. Experienced driver and cook
  4. land transportation,
  5. Accommodations,
  6. Horse rent
  7. Camping equipment,
  8. Breakfast, lunch, dinner with snacks in between,
  9. National park entrance fee.

Tour price doesn’t include:

  1. International airfare
  2. Travel insurance
  3. Excess baggage charge
  4. Passport and visa fees
  5. Optional additional activity cost
  6. Personal expenses
  7. Special order in cafes and restaurant
Eagle hunting


Mostly we are camping and trekking around 1500-2000m high from the sea level. Some trekking routes may go as high as around 3000m but this is not a daily occurrence. When you climb up to the Malchin peak, it is about 4050m high from the sea level.


Some weather recommendations: Summer months in Mongolia are from early-June to mid-September. Although the Mongolian summers are hot and dry with occasional rain, the temperature can fluctuate as much 20 degrees centigrade between day and night, the weather at Altai Tavan Bogd NP is very changeable, so be prepared for all weather conditions.The weather at Altai Tavan Bogd NP is very changeable, so be prepared for all weather conditions. Mountain weather is always unpredictable, we recommend you to bring warm sleeping bags that rated -15 celcius.