Golden eagle hunting is- one of the most unique features of Kazakh nomads. Get acquaint with the culture and history, life style and traditions of the Mongolian Kazakh nomads. This amazing type of the tour gives you a chance to hunt with golden eagle in remote western Mongolian Altai mountain’ and experience nomadic life.

Golden eagle hunting is one of the most unique features of Kazakh life. Also eagle hunting is oldest method of food hunting and traditional form of falconry. Our ancestors in the Eurasian steppes mastered eagle hunting several thousand years ago in the Andronov age. Proof of this fact comes from Bronze age petroglyphes. At the present time we can meet few people with such knowledge, but you can find this type of hunting in our country. There are estimated 250 eagle hunters in the Western Mongolian Bayan-Olgii province. Many Kazakh tradition preserved by Kazakhs in Mongolia eagle hunting being amongst them. Hunting with golden eagle shows that Kazakhs are well familiar with nature, its life, and its secrets and mysteries. The hunter is named “kusbegi”. Kusbegi comes from the word “kus” meaning “bird” and “bek” meaning “lord, the title thus literally translated as “lord of birds”. Golden eagle was intended to hunt a particular type of animal apart from foxes, usually catch corsacs and hares. Strong rapacious, well trained eagles proved useful for hunting hoofed animals and even wolves. There are several birds needed for hunting. Such as: eagle, northern goshawks, peregrine, falcons, saker falcons and more. This type of hunting demands many skills and knowledge. The experience of wild bird training was gained by kazakh eagle hunter over centuries, the secrets were imparted from father to son and kept very secret. The skill of hunting with golden eagle was interesting for hunters, while useful for other people. Because after successful hunt, Kusbegi gives the fur of prey to the friends or relatives who accompanied him for hunting. It was developed not only as the source of livelihood, but also as a way of entertaining and keeping themselves fit.

Eagle hunters in Mongolia

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